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In 2005 Andy Powell launched a tiny business, an internet resource for BMW service companies. He couldn’t demonstrate that the site was converting leads into consumers until he started charging for listings.
But business owners that were refusing to pay for it.

That is what motivated Andy and Kevin Mann, a fellow Georgia Tech alum, to develop a call tracking application. Their program demonstrated that the directory was successful in getting repair business phones to ring. Andy and Kevin soon came to the conclusion that if their tool could help them attract and retain consumers, it might do the same for other companies.

In 2011 CallRail was established. Since then, the desire to improve the growth of small and medium-sized companies has been every day inspiring the team of Callrail to create the products like Conversation Intelligence, Lead Center, Form Tracking, and Call Tracking.

Industries and Companies

CallRail makes clear which advertisements, keywords, and campaigns were effective and which were not. You may trace each stage of a prospect’s journey with the use of HIPAA-compliant call and form tracking. As a result, you’ll be able to identify the sources that motivated your top prospects to call, click, and convert.


Nowadays, there are about 2600 businesses in the health care industry that are using Callrail software. It is personal care, behavioral health, dental care, and senior living.

Meta Rating

In February 2022, Callrail became a proud winner of the two G2 2022 Best Software Awards. It is important because they are based on the reviews of the businesses that have used the services of Callrail and now recommend it to fellows.

Best Features

Lead Intelligence

Lead Center is a system that is unlike any other since it is based on a marketing analytics platform that shows you which strategies generate more leads. To attract more prospects, and close more agreements, use lead intelligence.

Tacticsts of Success

Lead Center uses call tracking numbers to show you which strategies are successful and which are unsuccessful by displaying the name of the campaign, search term, or marketing source that was the reason for each incoming contact.

Interaction Chronology

Nobody likes to begin a call by asking a lot of questions, neither you nor your prospect. Leave out the questions “How did you hear about us?” and “Have you worked with us before?” because the callers’ interaction chronology has all the information you need.

Google Business Profile

With only a few clicks, link Lead Center to your Google Business profile. Identify which calls or messages you receive from leads who discovered you on Google right away to fully appreciate the worth of your local search marketing efforts.

Market Share and Forecast

It´s estimated that 31578 companies use Callrail to improve their lead management processes. Some of its main competitors are CallTrackingMetrics, Marchex Call Analytics, DialogTech, Infinity. Callrail has a market share of about 26,27%. 87% of its customers are situated in the United States and 7% in Canada, a very small percentage in Europe, South and Central America.

Pricing and Packages

plus additional usage
plus additional usage
plus additional usage

The package includes five local numbers, 250 local minutes, Call & text tracking and attribution, Call recording and routing.

This plan includes all the benefits of the previous one, plus: Call transcripts and Keyword analysis.

Additional features in this package are form tracking and a custom form builder.

The great news about the pricing policy is that every pricing package starts with a 14-day free trial. No credit card is required to get started, and you won’t get billed until the trial is over.

Customer Reviews


Joel Mudd

Joel Mudd

Hi, my name is Joel Mudd, and I'm a professional content writer with over a decade of expertise in cutting-edge marketing. To assist businesses adapt to the rapidly evolving digital landscape, I like teaching others about lead distribution, email, and phone tracking. I am regularly published in industry periodicals and am continuously on the lookout for novel approaches to helping enterprises.

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  1. CallRail Not User Friendly or Intuitive”
    Negative all around. To use a different call tracking provider, we are leaving CallRail.
    System uptime was excellent. The technical support staff members were very helpful and knowledgeable about their products.
    Cons: At first, I had all the access I needed to manage my particular clientele because I was a “manager.” CallRail began arbitrarily rescinding authorization for different administrative tasks without informing me or my corporate offices. I assumed I was not doing something correctly because this was happening immediately after switching to CallRail. I would go to Corporate for help, but they were also unable to solve the problem. I then proceeded to CallRail support, where I was informed that the function was no longer available to “managers.” As a result, Corporate was burdened, and I was less able to quickly respond to the needs of my consumers. The reporting is also egregiously deficient. I or Corporate must manually enter the information to obtain a list of active clients. CallRail does not remove a client from the list of call tracking users when I delete a client. The number of users who are currently online must be manually verified. CallRail is a system with a lot of problems due to a bad user interface and system design.
    Reasons for Selecting CallRail: Corporate was providing extra perks connected to CallRail usage.
    Corporate encouraged franchisees to use this product, which was one of the reasons for switching to CallRail.

  2. I always like working with the scorpion team. They are responsive and simple to deal with on any job or assignment. The dashboard is fantastic, and I like the regular updates and reports.

  3. “High Performance and Trustworthy Call Tracking Software”
    Overall: By providing the data in Google Analytics, where all of our other KPIs are kept, CallRail saves us a ton of time. The customer service personnel has been quite helpful to my team as well.
    Pros: The fact that CallRail interacts directly with Google Analytics was the primary factor in our decision to move from another call tracking program. I appreciate how easy it is to set up phone calls as a goal in GA. This also implies that it seamlessly works with our GDS reporting program. Cons: I wish you could specify the amount of time between two calls from the same number to determine whether they qualify as unique calls or not. The 30-day window is considerable, and if a user phones on the first of a month and then again on the 27th, for instance, it can result in two distinct sales or conversions.
    Marchex was changed
    Move to CallRail was motivated by its direct integration with Google Analytics and Google Data Studio.

  4. Callrail is a great platform that has made our call analytics easy. Few things I like the most is:

    1) Dedicated calling no. for each purpose
    2) Call recording and caller details
    3) Templated response
    4) Integrations via Google Ads.

  5. Keyword pool feature is bit difficult to implement. Rest of the things are manageble.

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