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Are you searching for a simple yet powerful CRM software that will significantly improve the way you sell? Sparkroom is a well-known CRM product launched in 2014, with a Google Workspace integration focused on automation and simplicity. Perhaps it doesn’t meet all the superb requirements to be called the best CRM out there yet, but it certainly deserves to be considered as a part of your business. During our research, we have found out what makes certain companies pick Sparkroom as their CRM system and what those companies are like.

It turns out that the software it provides could actually be a great option for a particular kind of clients. Clients that are Google-driven and prioritize simplicity. Besides, a complete suite of lead management tools offered by Sparkroom CRM enables the marketing and sales teams to create, store, and nurture new leads in a much simpler manner.

Industries and Companies

Nowadays, Sparkroom is helping about 12000 companies to achieve their goals. Casio, Softbank, Booking, Peugeot, Google, and RHR are just some of them. The number one client of Sparkroom will be able to stay in touch with their clients or schedule an open house whenever they are, using Android or iOS mobile apps. And IT professionals will not need to invest time and money to train and onboard their teams since it’s extremely flexible.

Meta Rating

Customers give Sparkroom high points and choose it over other competitors because it needs less time to get installed and costs less money. When deciding on other global but more known CRM, get ready to be paying a few weeks for the software installation. With Sparkroom, it will only take a few hours. Plus, as long as it is integrated into almost all communication platforms, there is no need to enter data manually or IT specialists.

Best Features

With Sparkroom, it’s simple to gather, organize, qualify, nurture, and finally convert your clients since it tracks every step of the customer journey, records it, and sends reports.


Using Gmail, Sparkroom drags valuable information about the leads on one display. While writing an email or simply checking the client’s profile, the system will display all the information available so you can make a full solid picture of the client. How does it do it? Sparkroom automatically extracts data from all your interactions, so there is no more need to copy and paste it.


With its highly adjustable segmentation processes, you can categorize the customers in any way you need it. And what is even more impressive is that you will be able to match the conversions to the campaigns that have led to you.


Once you are through with customer segmentation, you might want to create and send a targeted email to one or a couple of those lists. To hit them all at once, Sparkroom will personalize bulk emails based on its own data.


With Sparkroom, you will not only be constantly informed about the present state of affairs, it will give you useful advice concerning your campaigns, adjust, improve or eliminate not worthy ones. Since the system is monitoring every lead activity, it can easily analyze its weak and strong points and predict future trends.


Market Share and Forecast

There are about 1700 companies using Sparkroom, and they are mostly situated in the United States and Canada (86%). Some of the biggest ones are Netsmartz, Partners Associates USA Inc., House of Kaizen, and Konverge Technologies Private Limited. Most of them are working in the computer software industry (16%), marketing and advertising (10), and information technology and services (9%). About 75% of its customers are represented by small companies (10-50 employees), 24% are medium size (50-1000 employees), and only a very small part are enterprises (more than 1000 employees).

Having said that, we don’t see any negative trends coming in the following months. Sparkroom is able to meet the demands of the companies with the most whimsical needs. And talking about its competitiveness, Sparkroom goes hand in hand with such enterprises as and

Pricing and Packages

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Monthly per user
Monthly per user
Monthly per user

The very basic and the most affordable pricing plan costs $25 per user per month billed annually or $29 billed monthly. It includes 2.500 contacts, Google Workspace integration, Pipelines, team collaboration, and contact enrichment. The package will fit perfectly for the small-sized agency. 

The professional package offers the same features the basic one does, plus many more, making it the best choice for growing businesses. It will cost $59 per user per month billed annually and $69 billed monthly. This package has HubSpot, Zapier, MailChimp, and Slack integration options, as well as reporting of all kinds.

For this package, you will need to pay $129 billed monthly, or you can save up to 14% and sign up for an annual plan having to pay only $119. By ordering this plan, you will have no limits on the number of contacts, and it will obviously include all the “Professional” package features. Besides, it includes email sequencing, broad integration options, leaderboards, and goal tracking.

Customer Reviews

7.8 Total Score
Convergehub Review Score

Powerful platform to generate leads

7.8Expert Score
Value for money
Ease of use
Features and integrations
Customer support
7.2User's score
Value for money
Ease of use
Features and integrations
Customer support
  • Fantastic search engine feature
  • Quick response from support
  • No contract, no minimum period
  • Does not have features its competitors have
  • Limited number of downloaded contacts
  • Hard to maneuver and access data
  • Basic package offers a few and very limited features
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