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ConvergeHub is an integrated platform for managing your business, including robust tools for CRM (customer relationship management), project management, task automation, and billing. It’s made to assist SMBs centralize and streamline all of their operational procedures. It has a user-friendly interface that streamlines the management of contacts, projects, and to-dos. It also aids in simplifying operations and enhancing support for customers. The software’s robust features might boost a company’s marketing and sales performance. It may also aid in expanding a company’s reach and clientele. Customers, projects, and tasks can all be set up and managed with ease because to the program’s drag-and-drop interface. 

To further aid organizations in understanding their consumer base and sales procedures, ConvergeHub provides robust analytics and reporting solutions. It’s perfect for firms who need a full-featured yet simple and inexpensive company administration solution.

Industries and Companies

ConvergeHub is a robust customer relationship management system made specifically for startups and solopreneurs. It’s a comprehensive CRM solution for keeping track of clients and their interactions with the company across many channels (sales, marketing, and support). Its user-friendliness and simplicity make it an excellent option for companies of any size. Its extensive feature set facilitates the simplification and enhancement of company operations. It’s great for companies in the medical field, retail trade, hotel sector, banking sector, and service sector. With the many resources available on ConvergeHub, businesses can enhance their customer service and forge closer bonds with their clientele. It’s the best option for businesses who want to organize their customer information, design targeted marketing campaigns, and provide superior service to their clientele.

Meta Rating

Customer relationship management (CRM) and business process automation are two areas that ConvergeHub streamlines for its users. It’s a comprehensive answer for enhancing productivity, delighting customers, and lowering costs. It’s made to be flexible and adaptable, so it can meet the demands of every company. It has sophisticated analytics tools and can be integrated with other systems for monitoring purposes. ConvergeHub is a good option for companies seeking a dependable and cost-effective CRM solution due to its extensive set of capabilities. Its 4.5-star Metascore reflects its superior functionality and popularity among users.

Best Features


– Manage leads and sales opportunities 

– Automate sales processes and workflows 

– Access real-time insights into sales performance


– Customize and segment targeted campaigns

– Automate marketing processes and workflows 

– Measure campaign performance and ROI


– Automate customer service operations 

– Create service tickets and assign to team members 

– Monitor customer service performance


– Automatically generate invoices and quotes 

– Track payments and balances 

– Automate billing processes and workflows


– Easy to use and customize for different business needs 

– Integrates with other applications 

– Cloud-based, accessible anywhere with an internet connection

Market Share and Forecast

ConvergeHub is a promising newcomer to the field of cloud-based management systems. The company provides a set of cloud-based resources for business process management and automation. Recent data suggests that ConvergeHub holds around a 2% proportion of the cloud-based management solutions industry. A compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 5-6% is projected for this during the next few years. The company’s dedication to its customers and its willingness to always innovate are likely to be the main factors in its expansion. The firm has also been heavily investing in R&D to introduce cutting-edge innovations to existing and potential customers. A return on this expenditure is expected in the future, when consumers learn to value the services provided by ConvergeHub.

Pricing and Packages

$9 Starter
Monthly per user
$29 Pro
Monthly per user
$59 Premium
Monthly per user

Starter plan is ideal for small businesses that need an easy-to-use, affordable CRM with all the basic features needed to increase efficiency.

Pro plan, businesses can take their CRM experience to the next level, taking advantage of additional features such as integration with Google Calendar and customizable dashboards.

Premium plan is best for businesses needing advanced features such as automated workflows and activity tracking.

Customer Reviews

7.8 Total Score
Convergehub Review Score

Powerful platform to generate leads

7.8Expert Score
Value for money
Ease of use
Features and integrations
Customer support
7.2User's score
Value for money
Ease of use
Features and integrations
Customer support
  • Fantastic search engine feature
  • Quick response from support
  • No contract, no minimum period
  • Does not have features its competitors have
  • Limited number of downloaded contacts
  • Hard to maneuver and access data
  • Basic package offers a few and very limited features
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Lisa Thompson

Lisa Thompson

I'm a skilled content writer who focuses on sophisticated marketing. I'm passionate about imparting my knowledge and skills in lead distribution, email and call monitoring, and other areas after more than ten years of experience. I often contribute to trade journals, and I'm constantly seeking for fresh approaches to support companies in thriving in the rapidly changing digital environment.

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  1. ConvergeHub gives me the most value for my money, especially when compared to alternative options like HubSpot or Salesforce. ConvergeHub delivers a value proposition that is just unbeatable.

    One platform for sales, marketing, service, and billing. ConvergeHub also offers a smooth connectivity with my Quickbooks and phone system in my use case. ConvergeHub is a simple alternative for firms who are concerned about costs thanks to sales automation and drip marketing automation.

  2. ConvergeHub has been a game-changer for my lead management process. The platform provides a seamless experience with its intuitive interface and robust features. I particularly appreciate the ease of capturing, organizing, and tracking leads, as well as the ability to automate various tasks. The integration with other business tools, such as CRM and email marketing, is fantastic and saves me a lot of time. Furthermore, the customer support team is top-notch and always goes the extra mile to ensure my success. ConvergeHub is a valuable asset for any business looking to optimize their lead management.

  3. While ConvergeHub offers a solid lead management solution overall, there are a few areas where I have encountered limitations. The reporting and analytics features, for example, could be more comprehensive and customizable. I would also appreciate more flexibility in terms of customizing workflows and automations. Additionally, the initial learning curve can be steep for users who are not familiar with similar software. Despite these minor drawbacks, ConvergeHub remains a reliable choice for lead management, especially for businesses that prioritize ease of use and integration capabilities.

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