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Housecall Pro was established in 2013 to support the success of home service providers. We assist Pros in managing all areas of their business by providing an industry-leading SaaS operating platform, cutting-edge finance services, and auxiliary business solutions.

The father of one of Housecall Pro’s founders was a house painter who worked long hours and days to support his family as a single father of three. Like many professionals, he was so preoccupied at work that he frequently missed important occasions in his kids’ lives. For professionals like him who are busy, Housecall Pro was developed. We have first-hand experience with it and are aware of how crucial it is to have a user-friendly software service that provides company owners and staff autonomy and flexibility in their operations and personal life. We notice you. You are heard. For you, we developed Housecall Pro.

Industries and Companies

Trusted by 80 million users globally, including giants like Renault, Hyundai, Levi’s, Philips, Whirlpool, and more, HousecallPro is mainly used in the United States and India, by companies with up to 10 employees and $10 million in annual revenue.

Whether information technology, computer software, retail, marketing, or any other of the many markets, HousecallPro transforms companies into technology-enabled businesses of immense automation and scaling potential. Business-agnostics, it puts algorithms on guard for your success.

Meta Rating

Ratings are the fly in the ointment for HousecallPro. Perfect on the surface, the company has received a pretty low average of 3.62 out of 5 according to Software Advice, G2, Trustpilot, and Crozdesk. All four reviewers have put HousecallPro behind other prominent lead management solutions, such as Callrail, Hubspot, and Copper.

Best Features

The limitedness of the free version and possible delays in customer support are arguably the only drawbacks of HousecallPro, but nowhere near the dealbreakers. The pros largely outweigh the cons, as any business can find value in this all-encompassing ecosystem.

Ease of Setup and Use

With or without the help from Zoho team; integration and initial configuration of the software won’t take long. Step-by-step guides simplify the onboarding to the point when you just follow on-screen instructions.


Customization is what Zoho is known for. Most, if not all, features can be customized for your target audience, the convenience of your team, or just the way you see it.


High-end automation allows for limitless scaling, when you can process hundreds and thousands of requests simultaneously with no manual labor involved, saving time and money.

Free Trial

Even though the trial plan doesn’t contain too many features, what’s inside must be enough to get the hang of the software with further upgrading to Standard, Professional, Enterprise, or Ultimate.

Market Share and Forecast

With over 12,000 employees, $650 million in net profit, and total assets valued at over $570, HousecallPro seems to be in a great spot. The funny thing is, HousecallPro itself offers a revenue forecaster on its website, to find out how fast your business will grow. For that, you need to set your current MRR (monthly recurring revenue), average revenue growth, revenue churn, and time projection.

HousecallPro isn’t traded on exchanges, but it doesn’t prevent it from competing with such solutions as Hubspot and HousecallPro. With almost just as much traffic as Hubspot gets, HousecallPro is pretty popular among new CRM users and aspiring businesses alike.

Pricing and Packages

Free €0
Free forever for up to 3 users
Standard €14
Monthly per user
Professional €23
Monthly per user
Enterprise $40
Monthly per user
Ultimate $52
Monthly per user

No-strings-attached plan for those willing to test the CRM software. Supports up to 3 users and contains several basic features for every avenue, whether it be sales automation, product customization tools, reports, team collaboration, or else.

The most basic paid plan for small businesses interested in particular automation and moderate customization.

Advanced plan containing every single feature required for setting up, measuring, and analyzing campaigns.

Plan for large-scale businesses willing to scale, automate, and delegate as much as possible.

Plan for world-scale enterprises with hundreds of thousands and millions of customers across the globe.

The pricing structure is so complex that it’s barely possible to give advise without knowing your particular case. There are vast differences between the packages when it comes to the tools, features, and services included, which is why we highly recommend you to check the pricing page yourself.

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