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Phonexa wants to make a difference. Phonexa develops new forms of marketing evaluation to aid in individual development.

Throughout the client lifecycle, Phonexa automates outbound web and call marketing in addition to incoming phone calls and emails. For lead generation and direct marketing, Phonexa provides seven comprehensive options. Marketing processes including phone calls, online forms, emails, and text messages may all be improved with the use of such automation software. Because of its scale, resources, and relationships, Phonexa is able to service a wide variety of industries, particularly those with significant customer demand.

Industries and Companies is one of the most dependable workflow systems, used by companies like PayPal, WI, Bosch, Uber, BBC Studios, and more than 152,000 clients across the world. In addition, has partners in 63 countries across Europe and the Middle East, 10 countries in Africa, 19 countries in Asia, 33 countries in North America, 25 countries in Latin America, and 10 countries in Australia and New Zealand to assist you in integrating with your existing tools, onboarding and training your team, and tailoring your account.

Industry-wise, can help with sales in almost any niche, from real estate to software to advertisement to finance. Regardless of what you sell, as long as you want to scale and improve, can take you there.

Meta Rating

Ratings are the fly in the ointment for Perfect on the surface, the company has received a pretty low average of 3.56 out of 5 according to Capterra, G2, Trustpilot, and Crozdesk. All four reviewers put behind other leading lead management solutions, such as Callrail, Hubspot, and Copper.

Best Features

Phonexa simplifies workflow to the point of automation when everything is in the right place, and you are fresh for key strategic decisions.


Despite dozens of features integrated into, the system is easy to manage. Every sub-section contains graphics along with short explanations to onboard novices in the shortest time.


From the very first acquaintance with your brand and up until conversion, you can customize your sale pipeline however you see fit depending on the collected data.

Free Use is one of the very few solutions on the market that offer a timeless free plan, up to 2 seats. The free plan is limited, but it’s more than enough to get the hang of some of the features and get the overall idea of the software.

Time Save

The software is designed to save you as much time as possible through automation and customization. Most of the features can be run automatically after being set up once.

Market Share and Forecast

According to the information provided by, Phonexa now possesses a sizeable market share in the cloud-based software industry. Over 6,000 customers and users hailing from more than a hundred different nations make up the company’s current clientele and user base. In addition to that, it has come to everyone’s attention that this firm is one of the software businesses in North America that is expanding at the quickest rate. This company’s prominence may be attributed to the fact that it has become one of the most successful in recent years.

On the basis of the present tendencies, it is anticipated that Phonexa will expand and gain market share in the not too distant future. The company is anticipated to see an increase in the number of customers and services. Additionally planned for the company is its development into international markets. Phonexa will also dominate the cloud-based software business in the coming years and take the lead. Because the company lays a strong emphasis on being innovative.

Pricing and Packages

Lite Suite 100$
Premium Suite 500$
Enterprise Suite Custom

This subscription provides caller ID, automated voicemail, call routing, and a CRM system at a rudimentary level. It’s made for businesses that want to keep tabs on potential customers and convert them into paying customers.

You can tailor your call routing, integrate your CRM to the next level, and set up automatic lead nurturing campaigns with this premium subscription. It’s made for companies that want to get the most out of their interactions with customers and with potential leads.

Custom reporting, analytics driven by artificial intelligence, and automatic call scoring are just some of the enterprise-level capabilities included in this subscription. For companies looking to better understand their clientele and streamline their sales operations, this tool is a must-have.

Phonexa has three distinct pricing tiers, each with its own unique set of features and associated cost. We recommend organizing a demo with the provider to discuss the challenges you face and the solutions Phonexa can propose before settling on one of them.

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Joel Mudd

Joel Mudd

Hi, my name is Joel Mudd, and I'm a professional content writer with over a decade of expertise in cutting-edge marketing. To assist businesses adapt to the rapidly evolving digital landscape, I like teaching others about lead distribution, email, and phone tracking. I am regularly published in industry periodicals and am continuously on the lookout for novel approaches to helping enterprises.

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  1. Customer service is outstanding!
    Overall: I have spoken with several people at their company, and I am consistently surprised to find that each and every one of them epitomizes the same helpful, friendly, and extra-mile services. Amazing work was put into creating a culture that is so simple to work in.
    Positives: Phonexa offers all the components we require and is simple to comprehend. Without a doubt, they have the best support staff in the business.
    Cons: There doesn’t seem to be anything that I dislike. Any issues are dealt with right away by the crew.
    Phonexa was chosen because of their excellent customer service. When I became a customer, they addressed all of my questions and provided instructions.
    Reasons to switch to Phonexa: simplicity of use and comprehensiveness of the solution

  2. Eminent Assistance and Simple To Work With
    Excellent to work with overall. There is always assistance available, and response times are swift.
    Positives: The platform has a ton of features. The reporting is in great detail. Each vertical can have a ping tree built for it. The Phonexa support team will create any API integration you require.
    Cons: With the UI, some settings are difficult to locate. steps that are repeated when creating Min levels.
    Options Were Examined: boberdoo
    Price and ease of setup are two factors in why people choose Phonexa.

  3. Phonexa mostly serves to acquire clients. They quickly adapt to one-off scenarios, which every organization encounters, and they are incredibly responsive, eager, and capable of figuring out how to make bespoke workflows work. You don’t have to learn the program if you don’t want to because their onboarding and support team will do their best to assist set everything up and keep it working well. The software itself is really solid and not too tough to understand.

  4. Phonexa is mostly used to deliver leads to various buyers. Phonexa is simple to use, but most importantly, it is dependable.

    The nicest part about Phonexa has been the support. There is always someone available online or by phone in the United States or the United Kingdom. This is a very different world from software where you can’t call someone or wait for someone to respond to a support issue. I’ve used more costly software in the past and received a fraction of the service.

  5. With any new software, there is a learning curve. One explanation for this is the amount of functionality provided. I have the notion that we are merely scraping the surface of what the platform can do.

    I suppose the user interface is a little old… but it is quite useful and does the job. To be honest, I’d prefer they spend on the product’s substance than make it appear fancy!

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