Top 5 Lead Management Services for Real Estate

Professionals in any area, especially top-producing estate agents and brokers, are:

  • No strangers to hectic schedules.
  • Unending mountains of paperwork.
  • Juggling several customers and transactions at once.

Here is where CRM solutions (customer relationship management) come in handy. CRMs are crucial in today’s web corporate scene because of their ability to optimize workflows and build customer connections via drip marketing campaigns and follow-up tools such as pipeline management.

What Is a Lead Management Service for Real Estate?

Customer relationship management software (also known as lead management software) is helpful for real estate agents in keeping track of their clients and potential clients. It’s a database program that keeps tabs on your business’s clientele. CRM software is helpful for real estate agents because it allows them to keep track of their customer’s data and easily access it whenever needed.

Most real estate brokers today use multi-touch sales funnels and persistent advertising efforts to attract new clients sustainably. Some examples of such strategies are formal referral networks, social media marketing efforts that grow organically, and online advertising on sites like

You should also deploy real estate LMS (Lead Management Software) via a customer relationship management system for optimal results.

Why Do You Need a CRM?

First, does your lead management system automatically record and sort new leads as soon as they come in?

You will only be able to pursue leads if you discover them.

When scouring your website, social media, and several email accounts for real estate prospects, it’s easy to overlook anything. The first step in establishing an efficient system for lead management is collecting all leads in a single location.

How well do you connect prospective customers with the appropriate sales representatives?

You should refrain from distributing high-priority leads to inexperienced agents or sending many leads to agents behind on their current lead flow. Leads should be automatically sent to your agents through your lead management system according to team-specific criteria.

You may, for instance, assign leads from a specific zip code to a particular agent, route leads from a listing to the listing agent, or assign leads from areas with higher asking prices to your more experienced agents.

Thirdly, does your system automatically update your lead profiles?

You and your staff may be doing much more productive things with your time than manually inputting contacts’ names and email addresses into a database.

Ensure that the customer relationship management system you use to keep tabs on real estate leads allows you to automatically fill in a lead’s profile with information like their job title, company name, and relevant social media accounts.

It would be best if you were alerted quickly when a potential customer answered your phone, email, or text message.

That is what CRM is used for; it automates most of your manual tasks and simplifies your daily routine.


Real Estate CRM & Real Estate Software Solutions

Top Producer CRM is the finest customer relationship management software for real estate agents and brokerages to streamline lead management and marketing activities. The most important aspect of Top Producer CRM is FiveStreet real estate lead management solution, which enables agencies to import seller and buyer leads into the CRM from over a hundred different vendors such as Trulia, Zillow, RE/MAX, and, among others. The productivity suites of Gmail and Outlook are compatible as well.

The Top Producer CRM’s “X-Factors” function syncs data from several sources to give you a complete picture of prospects. This includes their social media profiles, occupations, locations, and more. The Market Snapshot feature of X-Factor provides in-depth market data, new listings, neighborhood trends, and more.

Clients have noted that Top Producer needs to improve in comparison to rivals like Wise Agent and Follow Up Boss in two key areas: outbound and inbound call capabilities and a free trial.


Sales CRM & Pipeline Management Software

We included Pipedrive in our list of top real estate CRMs because it is one of the most adaptable CRM systems available. Although it is not explicitly designed for the real estate market, CRM serves its function. It boasts some of the best document management tools and email marketing capabilities and interfaces with Zillow for generating real estate leads.

The drop-and-drag sales pipeline helps agents and teams monitor the development of leads and zero in on the most promising ones. Develop a system of reminders and activities to keep track of your interactions and transactions with current and former clients so you can give your most important ones top priority and nurture them. You may use the flexible reporting features to monitor KPIs, predict revenue, and determine ROI.

As was previously mentioned, getting started with Pipedrive was challenging. In contrast, it cannot scale. When compared to Salesforce, Pipedrive currently needs an established corporate model.


Integrated CRM Platform & Marketing Automation

LionDesk’s robust communication features come from many different places. The best customer relationship management system (CRM) for real estate agents includes a contact center with an integrated power dialer, which enables agents to swiftly go through call lists. At the same time, activity in the CRM records is instantaneously updated. Video content marketing campaigns may also be sent by email (bulk or drip) or text message (short messaging service). It’s AI technology – ISA will automatically engage in text conversations with your leads over a year.

Using the improved drip campaign features, real estate agencies may now automatically contact prospective buyers and sellers through phone, email, and text messages. Listings, services, and real estate farming campaigns may all have their own digital and printed marketing materials, and LionDesk makes it easy to create them.

Some pre-loaded marketing campaigns may need some fine-tuning to make them more sales-focused, even though they are included with the application. Instead of trying to close a deal with every lead you come across, a drip campaign may be useful if it included value-added material like in-depth papers and infographics about your business. It will take some work to get things up and running.

You can’t utilize the tool’s in-built calling or messaging functions unless you use a platform-generated number, pay to use your number, or pick a premade one.


Real Estate Software

Propertybase’s administrative services, such as electronic signing, compliance assistance, and safe document storage, are designed to ease the burden of real estate transaction paperwork. Real estate agents may reduce the likelihood of missteps at closing by consulting with management in advance.

The agent and the brokerage management have access to all of the necessary tools for administrative tasks and transaction administration via a safe and encrypted intranet feature, which speeds up the workflow. Top Producer CRM is on our recommendations list for the finest CRM for real estate brokers since it has a transaction management tool at no extra cost. In contrast, transaction management features from other providers are not only lacking but also more costly.

These features that make the program so beneficial also make it susceptible to flaws. Since they’re a real estate CRM, they don’t work with services like Google, MailChimp, or Zapier. Suppose you link up with any of these. In that case, you’ll have additional opportunities to streamline marketing operations and cut down on manual labor.


Best Real Estate CRM & Marketing Automation

IXACT Contact stands out among other customer relationship management tools for new real estate agents for several reasons. The first is purely economical, since new real estate agents who have just been licensed for a year may get a free six-month trial of IXACT Contact with all features enabled. This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for novice real estate agents to launch a successful business with no financial risk.

The ability to make changes to the roadmap as needed via IXACT Contact is another plus. Successful real estate agents use this tool to plan their careers, including the sales goals they want to achieve and the steps they need to take to get there.

While IXACT Contact is an excellent lead management solution, it has room for development. To begin, a website has the potential to be more engaging and individual. Some users may also wish that there were more modern email templates available. Despite its many strengths, Contact from IXACT does not have a lead-generating component. This is not a problem, however, if you already have a dedicated lead generation suite.

What to Look for in a CRM for Real Estate?

Our top CRM picks for corporate real estate agents include broad-spectrum solutions and specialized packages designed for this niche. Regarding data management and process automation, a retail CRM designed for a specific industry is your best bet. Unlike a general-purpose CRM, which lacks industry-specific features but still has to perform several essential generic CRM functions, a CRM tailored to a particular sector will have more specialized capabilities. Finally, the finest CRM for your real estate business will depend on your company’s specific needs. When it comes to the real estate industry, you should look for the following features:

Email Marketing Integration

It’s essential to keep your company front of mind. Personalize your email marketing campaigns to increase open rates and customer loyalty. Share relevant industry news with your potential buyers, sellers, and tenants. Make reports on data and trends, announcements of upcoming activities, tips for consumers, and connections to your company’s website.

Handling of pipelines

Pipeline management software offers graphical representations of the sales process. The phases at which deals are uncovered vary. Determine who on your team handles whatever transaction, which customers are most valuable, and whose agreements are closing or expiring soon. Establish some channels for distinct clientele.

Phone application

The availability of an Android/iOS app is now taken for granted. Any client-relationship-management system for the real estate industry is the same in this regard. Customers may still be reached when you’re out doing open houses, driving around, or eating lunch. A mobile device is also used to display relevant information and discounts.


You may learn about the return on your investment by looking at marketing, campaign, sales, and customer reports. Problems may be identified, and patterns of behavior can be shown. It’s capable of keeping tabs on any incoming data. You can improve the efficiency and productivity of your business by identifying new opportunities and potential issues.


Many customer relationship management systems for the property industry include integrations with other digital technologies. As a consequence, they are even more helpful than before. Integrate the commercial real estate industry’s leading customer relationship management platform with data-gathering and prediction tools. Importing and exporting contact information is a must for optimizing your client database. Advertisements sent by email, text message, and social media may all benefit from marketing automation software.


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