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Finding out where your leads come from and where they are in your sales funnel is the process of lead tracking. You may find out which tactics and promotions bring in the most leads for your business by tracking leads. Additionally, it helps you drive leads closer to becoming paying clients by helping you determine where they are in your sales funnel.

Lead tracking service is a platform that uses technology to make it simple for you to monitor and manage your leads. You may use them to gather crucial data about your leads, like their source, email address, and demographics.

Additionally, the platform will consolidate this data into a single location for easy access and analysis at any time. You may track leads from a variety of internet sources, including calls, emails, contact form submissions, and more, using lead management software. Then, you can utilize this data to inform your marketing efforts to produce additional leads and nurture them until they are ready to become clients.

You can better organize and retain your leads using lead management and tracking technologies. Even better, they can provide you insight into the marketing strategies that generate the best quality leads and enable you to turn more of your leads into sales.

Tools for lead tracking are essential. However, picking the best option might be challenging because they offer various advantages, features, and pricing points.

We’ve compiled a selection of lead tracking and services that will benefit marketers of all kinds and shapes to assist you in making your decision.


Software, Tools, and Resources to Help Your Business Grow Better

A CRM sales lead management technology from HubSpot called SalesHub enables companies to keep all of their prospect data and activity unified on a single platform. Users of the pipeline features may view all of their contact information and keep track of every client touchpoint, enabling them to intervene at the ideal time. With SalesHub, you can classify prospective customers into focused lists, score and prioritize them, and keep track of email conversations in real-time.

By consolidating all of your resources and information into a single, streamlined CRM platform that your whole team adores, Sales Hub streamlines and accelerates your sales process while removing friction. You can now concentrate on what truly matters: your consumers.

HubSpot’s free email monitoring software sends you a desktop notification when a prospect opens your email and clicks a link within. After a lead responds to one of your emails, take the time to customize your outreach, and keep automating it for prospects who don’t.

Another feature – document management for the entire team has never been easier. Stop spending time looking for crucial sales documentation. Create a shared library of current sales content for your whole team. With a drop-down menu in your Gmail or Outlook inbox, you can easily select documents to attach to emails without worrying about whether you have the most recent version.

Use your browser to make sales calls without ever picking up the phone. You may reach a prospect using your desk phone or Voice Over IP with only one click. You can choose to have each call recorded to have accurate records of your talks. Your calls will always originate from your number. Or use one of our many calling connectors to make and track calls inside HubSpot without any hassle.

You’ll spend more time selling and less time making calls.


Calls, Leads, Clicks, Email & Accounting Marketing

An effective lead-tracking solution may benefit businesses greatly. Businesses may use a range of tools and features to assess the success of their marketing initiatives if they have the appropriate lead-tracking software.

Your lead-tracking software should include capabilities like lead analytics, predictive modeling, real-time reporting, URL monitoring, and filter controls. Each of these solutions enables you and your team to analyze crucial data and pinpoint exactly what influences lead from the initial impression to conversion. Phonexa’s lead tracking solution, LMS Sync, comes with all of these functions and many more.

Using Performance Summary, you can see where all your lead traffic originates from and where it is heading. By examining your duplicate lead percentage or the number of leads sold, you may measure the effectiveness of your campaign. Thanks to the customizable dashboard, you may have a view into the key performance metrics that are most important to your company. View the overall profits per buyer, your top publisher sources, and your top publishers.

Use Lead Details with lead tracking systems to focus on pertinent data sets or follow distinctive client journeys. Discover the source of each lead, the date you obtained it, and the buyer who matched it.


B2B Lead Generation Software

Leadfeeder provides companies greater insight into the potential customers for their products so that salespeople may focus their best efforts on where they will have the most impact. It gives more profound insight into client behavior, so you can predict their demands and methods for promptly contacting leads so they are not lost to a rival.

Marketing teams frequently use forms to track website visitors. The issue? No matter how often you optimize your contact form, most site visitors won’t fill it out. You might not be able to tell where they are in the funnel if they do fill out a form. Companies blow millions of dollars on poor marketing strategies that target unready-to-convert leads as a result.

The alternative is better. Based on their IP addresses, Leadfeeder can identify the businesses visiting your website and compare them to our contact database to deliver vital B2B intent data that will help you grow your company.


Cloud Software Suite and SaaS Application

With the help of Zoho Retail CRM, you can get in touch with your leads by phone, SMS, WhatsApp, live chat, social media, and other channels. You may target the appropriate prospects for different campaigns and retention initiatives based on their participation, geographical information, and previous purchases.

You can listen in on what your potential clients and customers are saying with Zoho’s social monitoring function and reply to their concerns and questions. Zoho can also be connected with customer support to provide the best customer service and encourage repeat business.

While Zoho has a wide number of advanced features, its entry-level retail subscription costs $18 per person each month. In accordance with your needs, you can also modify your software suite.


Sales CRM & Pipeline Management Software

Pipeline’s co-founders set out in 2010 to create a customer relationship management (CRM) application that enables users to track their sales processes more clearly and accomplish more. They were aware from experience that one can only control one’s acts but not the results. Therefore, they built Pipedrive on activity-based marketing, a tried-and-true strategy that revolves around planning, carrying out, and tracking activities.

Another example of the sales knowledge that was included in Pipedrive is the visual pipelines, which offer a ton of clever and user-friendly features that allow you to see precisely where each deal is at.

Pipeline´s staff is always expanding, and the whole team strives toward the same objective: making sales success for teams worldwide not just attainable but also inescapable. Pipedrive received a majority investment from Vista Equity Partners in 2020, a renowned international investment company specializing in corporate software, data, and technology-enabled firms. It will be able to achieve its main goal with the help of this investment and the ongoing support of the consumers.

Which Lead Tracking Service to Choose?

When comparing lead tracking services, there are a few things to consider to ensure you pick the best option for your company. How do you select the best tool among so many options? When comparing lead-tracking software, there are a few things to keep in mind.

  • The tracking platform you select to invest in must have reasonable prices and no additional fees. Providers frequently charge more for integrations, increased consumption, and new accounts. Watch out for any additional charges because they can add up quickly.
  • Can this lead-tracking software interface with other software? You need to invest in a lead tracking system that easily integrates with your CRM and other reporting tools if you want to monitor your leads throughout the whole sales cycle.
  • The software you chose enables offline tracking. Your digital marketing initiatives may encourage behaviors that don’t take place online, such as phone calls or in-person visits. Your marketing efforts will be fully visible to you if you combine your web data and offline leads in one tool.

Why Lead Tracking is So Important?

The majority of marketers will use Google Analytics to monitor leads and estimate the success of their initiatives. In fact, according to the poll findings, 90% of marketers use Google Analytics as their primary tool for measuring the success of their marketing campaigns.

Honesty, we have no reason to blame them. For measuring website metrics and goals like form completions, Google Analytics offers a lot of information. However, while Google Analytics can let you know when a conversion or objective was achieved, it offers no details regarding the kind or caliber of your leads.

Most of the time, marketers having trouble getting more sales don’t lack leads. The issue is that they’re basing their performance optimization on lead volume rather than quality and depending on technologies like Google Analytics. As a result, sales are overburdened with time-consuming, cold leads. But with lead tracking software, you’ll learn more about how, when, and where a particular lead or sale was affected by your marketing efforts.



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